My research focuses on the development of theoretical and computational models for the emergent dynamics of complex active fluid systems. With a scholar background in fluid mechanics, I like to work in close interactions with other disciplines, especially at the interface between engineering, bio-physics and biology. I use various approaches from computational fluid dynamics (lattice-Boltzmann method, immersed-boundary method, phase-field model) to machine learning (physics-informed neural networks) to simulate large flow systems driven by local sources of mechanical energy. Those systems generally involve additional complexity due to flow-structure interactions or complex mechanical properties (non-Newtonian rheology, heterogeneous properties, etc.). Specifically, my recent projects have been focusing on :

  • Cilia-driven biological flows,
  • Cellular flows driving tissue morphogenesis during development,
  • Emergent behaviors in bio-inspired active flow networks,
  • Dynamics of buoyant swimmers.